Adventures in rural Anatolia

A place to live

When the road bends


In the valley

Traversing the mountain roads between the Riviera and the Lake District.

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Aquabikes and flyboards

Free ride

There was an aquabike and flyboard competition in Antalya last week. While an aquabike appears to be a jetski, a flyboard is something entirely different, kind of like a jetpack that uses water to propel itself.





It was a great event and a wonderful way to spend a summer day.

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Crazy weather

Phoenix egg July

Rain in July in Antalya, a sure sign of the apocalypse.

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Brightness in the summer


Where palm trees sway

Rained the haze off

Colours morning and night.

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Three July superlatives

Early morning super moon

Never a bad time for a nap

A waffle for two

Super moon, power nap, and mighty waffle.

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The hot nights are here

At the corner of the square

World Cup madness

Still keeping watch

Refreshment and relaxation

July is shaping up to be crazy… in a good way.

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Summer in Kemer

Too cool to walk


The angle that kind-of worked

A Saturday spent up the road, where I used to live.

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Record highs all around

About time for a cave swim

Ready for me

The July colour

Temperatures in the low 40s and the sea beckons.

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The hot summer nights begin

Group shot

Everything that happens on the tramway


Bahar Şenliği

Everyone is out and about until late in the evening. It’s a celebratory atmosphere.

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Lighting up the summer nights

So many stars

Different in the night


Replaying those pivotal moments

Dinner option

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