Singing the praises of Czech hot chocolate

First of many

It wasn’t until I started researching my trip to Prague that I learned the city not only has something of a reputation for good hot chocolate, but there is a surprising amount of competition for the label “best hot chocolate in Prague.” The signature offering at Café Louvre came highly recommended; their chocolate is simple but delicious, and the accompanying cakes were spectacular.


My second evening in town, as the temperature dropped and I tired of sightseeing, I consulted my map to find the best option for hot chocolate on the way back to the hotel. I ended up at Choco Café, which is really for people who know much more about chocolate than I do. They have a selection of single-estate chocolates and whatnot, and those with trained palettes can tell you the difference in flavour profiles between the estates. I personally don’t find chocolate on its own to be that interesting, but I do like it mixed with other stuff, so I went for the dark hot chocolate with strawberry-coconut liqueur, fresh strawberries (at the bottom), whipped cream, and a wafer.

It was, quite comfortably, the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had in my life. I went back to Choco Café every single day for the remainder of the trip. I even had lunch there one day, because they have a regular food menu in addition to their three-page hot chocolate menu.

I did have a few other hot chocolates in Prague, but in my opinion, Choco Café deserves to be known as the place to go.