The LISt, 14 November 2014

A few extra ingredients to stir into your weekend mood.

Please Like Me Josh Thomas is painfully funny, and although I really liked the first series of Please Like Me, I decided to save my recommendation until I saw whether the second series would live up to expectations… and it did. It does. It wasn’t a fluke. Check it out.

The Erin Motz Yoga Challenge The original Bad Yogi is back with her latest autumn yoga challenge. This time around it’s four weeks of brief, daily sessions, perfect for beginners or those who have had a break from yoga and want to get back into the swing of it. Erin is fun, relaxed, and relatable, and the videos are short enough to fit into any schedule.

myNoise Create your own soundscapes by choosing themes and messing around with sliders. Surprisingly addictive, and there’s a free iOS app, too (Android app on the way).

Snapwire If you’ve ever wondered whether you could make some extra money from your photography, Snapwire is a good way to find out. It’s a free service; you upload your work into a portfolio, and you can also respond to client requests for specific types of photos. If your work proves popular, you accumulate points, which in turn earn you more privileges on the site (featured portfolios, promotions, and so forth). Greater exposure on the site means that more paying clients see your work, increasing your chances of sales. Snapwire is open to everyone, and since it costs nothing, you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Serial The creators of This American Life have created a new podcast, where host Sarah Koenig takes the listener through multiple episodes that all follow the same true story. Riveting, to say the least.

Too Many Cooks In case you’re one of the five people on the planet who hasn’t seen this yet, it’s my duty to share it again here. I’ve seen some people saying things like, ‘I got the point after about thirty seconds and then skimmed through the rest’. Yeeeeah, no. It doesn’t work that way. This is one of those cohesive works of genius that you won’t fully understand unless you watch the whole thing… and then let it simmer for a while and watch it again. And again. And then engage in a game of ‘where’s Bill‘. And then have the song stuck in your head for three weeks.