What a difference six months makes

You blink for a moment, and half a year is gone.

Okay, so it’s not really gone gone— sure, our linear perception of time makes it seem like it is perpetually escaping, but those six months have added countless events and experiences and people and things to the sum total of our lives. Those things don’t really go away, and even the ones that seem negative at the time have the potential to teach, to add new shapes and textures to our personal landscapes.

For me, the past six months has mostly been about staging comebacks— coming back from illness and medical scares, coming back from athletic complications, coming back from a range of personal difficulties and big questions that don’t have clean answers. Progress has been slow; recovery is ongoing. In many ways, that forced lack of pace has been as much a learning experience as the original events themselves.

But my summer travel season starts tomorrow, and that means my trusty groove won’t be far behind. I feel it lurking impatiently. I still have a couple of internal issues I need to work through, and a bus seat meandering through the mountains and across the Turkish coastline has always been the best place to do that thinking and writing and creating, so the timing is fortunate.

As usual, travel breeds photos, and since I’m heading places I’ve never been to see things I’ve never seen, I know I’ll soon be excited to capture new things in a way I can’t yet imagine, even if my soul hasn’t latched onto that excitement just yet. It’s inevitable.

There will be exploration of all kinds, there will be boundaries crossed, there will be the old comforting chk-chk of the shutter, and of course there will be food. Lots and lots of food.

Time to get the summer started, ready or not. The seasons are relentless like that, thankfully.

  • Ella Preece

    You certainly have been a godsend to me in the last weeks Melissa, and many are grateful to you for the updates… you are an angel for which I am eternally grateful for having had at my side. Thank you darling… Enjoy the explorations, crossing the boundaries and the chk-chk…. I KNOW you will enjoy the food….